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My mind at sea.

Days go unnumbered and my mind is tangled up in a sea of memories. I don’t question why it is that I can’t sleep at night, nor why I fear of thinking. I believe its a hidden context clue that I’m still urging to discover.

There are nights I find myself transparent to my surroundings, and wander endless ruins. As if my mind has cradled every inch of my consciousness into a deep hole. It may sound scary, melancholy, or pessimistic. The reality of it all is trying to survive from myself, and countless times I told myself it would be easy to forget…

How can anyone forget the life you worked so hard to build, and the one you trusted…Standing beside you, brings you to your greatest demise, and watches you obliterate into an oblivion?Cold, lonely, and restless; were the days I once lived.

Today, I present myself with today’s goal, mindset, and motivation. I’ll live in tomorrow’s yesterday, but only count the day that is yet to come. It’s a contradiction embodied in countless contradictions.

I shall never fear loneliness, but allowing myself to wallow in it.

I’m worth a thousand more stars in a sea of life. I am valued for my entire existence.

Those that fail to recognize YOU, are not worthy of such a great treasure. One day, you will be the jackpot to someone’s endless hunt for the unknown.

A beautiful mystery you are, my dear.

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